Additional Worksheets

We Can Stop Bullying

Worksheet for teachers. This resource, endorsed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance in support of Anti-Bullying Week, raises the issue of disablist bullying in schools today. It explores disabled people’s experiences of being bullied when they were at school and thinks about what we can all do together to prevent these experiences being repeated for all school children today.

Growing Up in World War 2

Worksheet for teachers. This resource explores one person’s childhood experience during World War 2. Ronald Leedham was born in 1929 and from the age of eight spent the war in what was described as a ‘Home for Crippled Children’ in West Wickham. Aged eleven, he was transferred to another home in Kent. His vivid memories will give children great insight and understanding into the impact of wartime on children separated from their families.

Learning with Oral History

Worksheet for teachers. This resource aims to help teachers think about the ways that Oral History can be used within the school curriculum and includes guidelines teachers can use with their students to set up and carry out Oral History interviews.