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Helen Cooke: Aiming for Inclusion

Helen was born in 1969 in Surrey. She attended mainstream primary and secondary schools, going on to University from her Grammar school.

Here Helen talks about the importance of targeting adults.

  • Helen Cooke
  • Helen Cooke


My understanding is that we are aiming for inclusive education and in my opinion that's absolutely as it should be, we shouldn't be segregating Society at all. I do a lot of work in the field of graduate recruitment now and particularly, talking to some of the people who are responsible for attracting disabled students into universities, and indeed the disability managers at universities, they all talk about the fact that when they are talking to school children, actually it's not the children that they need to target, it's the parents and the teachers, because they're still giving the messages of, 'Children like you can't go to universities like that'.

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