Schools Pack

This free Schools Pack consists of 6 Worksheets plus Teachers’ Notes which support discussion on equality and diversity and provide an opportunity for all students to learn together in an accessible, stimulating and thought provoking way: ‘Everyone’s Different’, ‘Looking Out for Each Other’, ‘Getting Around’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Joining In – Sports and Games’ and ‘What Helps Us to Learn?’

‘How Was School?’ Education Pack

Download the worksheets and notes from the links below, or contact us at Allfie for a free printed copy of the pack, which includes an A3 poster.

You will also find three new worksheets in the ‘Additional Worksheets’ section. They are: ‘We Can Stop Bullying’, ‘Growing Up in World War 2’ and ‘Learning with Oral History’.

    Teachers’ Notes

    These supplementary notes are a guide to go with the six ‘How Was School?’ Worksheets found below. They include additional information about how to use the worksheets and about the background of the project, plus useful definitions to support the pack.

    Everyone’s Different

    Worksheet for teachers. This resource is asking children to relate the experiences of others with their own experiences, thereby changing a culture of ‘them and us’ and increasing empathy and understanding across the school culture. ‘All of us together’.
    The key outcome is for pupils to understand that we are all different and all equal, everyone is unique and valued, and that we have much in common, thus breaking down barriers of stereotypes and assumptions about each other.

    Looking Out for Each Other

    Worksheet for teachers. This topic sheet explores how we take care of each other and the different people in our lives who look out for us. We all need someone on our side.

    Getting Around

    Worksheet for Teachers. This Topic Sheet is aimed at helping children understand how barriers can get in the way for some people and some ways that they can be overcome. Some of the quotes also illustrate historical changes in accessibility of transport.


    Worksheet for Teachers. This topic sheet will help pupils to understand and think about the importance of having friends and to think about what might get in the way of making friends.

    Joining In – Sports and Games

    Worksheet for Teachers. This topic sheet will allow children to get an understanding of what it might be like for other children who might find it harder to join in and to think of ways to include everyone in sports and games activities. Quotes plus activity and discussion ideas.

    What Helps Us To Learn

    Worksheet for teachers. What helps us emotionally and practically to be ‘available’ to learn? And what doesn’t help? We all have different ways of learning, or we may need some extra help at different times of the day. Some learning needs may be emotional and some needs may be practical, as illustrated in the quotes in this worksheet. Includes activities and discussion ideas.