School Culture

Ray Kathleen D’Arcy: Distinctive Uniforms

Ray was born in Egypt in 1926. Her father was in the army and the family moved to England when Ray was five, settling in Leicester in 1932. Ray attended mainstream primary and secondary schools.

Here Ray describes her pride in her uniform.


I started Alderman Newton Girls then. The boys’ school was very old and we wore a dark green uniform with a red badge on it, and red and green striped bands round the black velour hat. ‘Cause there was four schools, you see, and it depended which one you went to, and obviously there was - we were better than they were. And they were better than us, you know. So, if you saw Alderman Newton’s, they were all very distinctive uniforms but Alderman Newton’s was the only green one, the others were either black or navy and we thought we were phooar, yeah.

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