Isolation from Family

Ian Metherell: Heartbreaking

Ian Metherell was born in 1948 in Hounslow. Ian spent almost his entire school life in residential special schools, first in Henley, then in Kent and finally in Lancashire.

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Ian Metherell

Here Ian talks about how painful it was to be away from home.

  • Ian Metherell
  • Ian Metherell


Loneliness, not being able to talk to anyone, not being able to say to anyone, ‘I think there’s something seriously wrong here.’ Not with the school, not with the staff, but with me. I found it very, very hard being at boarding school. I think being a boarding school and only coming home for holidays. I think, it was just my parents wouldn’t talk about their feelings and I couldn’t talk about mine. It was heartbreaking really.

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