Debbie Robertson: Picking Teams

Debbie was born in Bradford in 1965. She attended local primary and secondary special schools and then went to her local college.

Here Debbie talks to Stephen and Ursula about enjoying hockey and sports day at school.

  • Debbie Robertson
  • Debbie Robertson


Okay, what – what do you remember about your friends, do you remember doing something, ever remember like playing a certain game or –
Like hockey, yeah.
With the stick?
With the, yeah.
Did you? Oh. Go on then, tell us more.
I remember that, yeah, I remember that at the school. In the hall.
In the hall, you’d play it in the hall would you hockey?
Was there girls and boys in the school?
It was all – so it was all girls?
No, altogether.
Altogether. And would you play hockey with the boys too?
You’d play games in black and blue.
You’d do what sorry? Oh right, so you’d play against the teams.
You get colours, black and blue.
Black and blue, were that the colour of your uniform?
Play the game.
So you played your game in black and blue?
Pick your team for hockey.
So the team that you wanted to play hockey and what would the other team wear?
They’d wear red so you can tell the difference?
To watch it all.
Okay. So how did you choose which team you were on?
I would go on it.
Just go on it.
You’d just go on it.
I went on black team.
Oh right, so you’d choose the top that you – is that what you’re saying Debbie, you’d just say I want to be on the black team?
Yeah, black team.
And did you used to play with – so did you choose people to go on your team with you?
No, it would me that would pick, yeah.
You’d pick?
That one, that one, that one best.
That one’s best, is that what you just said. So do you remember did you used to win at it or –
Oh we won, yeah. At school, we all sit in the school in assembly, over there, yeah.
Did they ever do like sports day or you know like –
I did that once at school, yeah. The egg –
Egg race, we all remember that don’t we, yeah.
Egg race, and where you put your feet in it?
Where you’re tied together with somebody?
The sack?
The sack.
Ah right, okay.
The sack, one either side, yeah.
The sack, you won on it?
I remember that too.
Oh you remember it?
Yeah, and the egg.
And the egg race?
The egg race, yeah, them two.

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