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One minute trailer for How was school?


I think the main thing was to bring to light an invisible history.
We worked with a whole range of disabled people who've experienced everything from no education at all to very poor and awful segregation, to poor integration but also to some really lovely examples of inclusion.
What we've certainly heard from the interviewees is that they have been much more honest because they've felt much safer telling their stories when they are being interviewed by a disabled person.
There's no other way you would capture that kind of information. You could do a nice academic research into disabled people's exclusions in education and it wouldn't have the impact of a project like this, where it really is the real voices of disabled people that are putting the messages and putting the stories across.
It's an invisible history, there's nothing currently in the National Curriculum for disabled and non disabled students to understand our history or our culture.
It would have been wrong for it to be anyone else. It had to be led by disabled people because it's our history.

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