What's Changed?

Roger Crosskey: Bikeability Training

Roger was born in 1949 in Birmingham. He attended a private mainstream residential school near Nottingham and then a mainstream residential grammar school in Kent, continuing on to university.

Here Roger talks about the changes he’s noticed in the school system.



In those days it was much more likely for children with disabilities not – to go to special schools and not to be in mainstream schooling. It’s not like it is now where we’re arranging to get a tricycle for a child in one of the local primary schools in Lewisham, so that he can do his Bikeability training along with the rest of his class and he came over to one of our sessions last week, or no, Tuesday, to see whether he wanted a tricycle or a hand cycle which would be more comfortable for him. I mean those sort of things didn’t exist as far as schools were concerned. It’s much better to see these children in primary schools and have the staff running around looking for a tricycle so that the child can do the Bikeability training along with the rest of the class. Because I think that’s the way that children learn. And from not being separated out from other groups of children.

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