Roger Crosskey: Reading Instead

Roger was born in 1949 in Birmingham. He attended a private mainstream residential school near Nottingham and then a mainstream residential grammar school in Kent, continuing on to university.

Here Roger recalls being sent to read instead of doing Games.


Hmm, yeah, they gave up on trying to get me to do games because, they tried to see if I could do football and cricket - actually no, they didn’t do football, they did rugby - and fairly soon that quickly they decided I wasn’t any good and so on the days when there were games I would be released and I’d spend the afternoon reading, and I read a lot of science fiction and things like that. I think in retrospect I would have quite enjoyed doing sailing which was something that they did do, and I think I could have done that. Because you – you need upper body strength which I had, but you weren’t doing a lot of walking and standing. So I didn’t miss that at the time, you know, I never thought of it at the time and I was quite happy to sit around and read books all afternoon. But I think I would have enjoyed it if I’d done it, but nobody ever suggested it.

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