Haq Ismail: Classmate

Haq was born in 1970 in Pakistan. His family moved to Luton, England when Haq was eight months old. Haq attended his local primary school until he acquired a visual impairment at the age of eleven. He was then sent to a residential special school in Worcester and from there went on to university.

Here Haq remembers the girl who sat next to him in school.


I remember at school there was this girl called Juliet, she used to sit next to me and I used to say to her, Look, I can’t see the line,’ so she - like you know when you’re writing in a book and you’re writing, you know, your exercise book, I’ve still got some of those books at home now, and I show my kids now and, you know, I’d be writing and my line would go diagonally downwards, yeah, and I’d say to Juliet, ‘Where’s the line, can you please point out the line?’ And I remember our teacher at the time Mr Carroll, he was a very strict kind of, you know, no nonsense kind of teacher and he would – he’d, you know, he’d get annoyed ‘cause we’d be talking in the back of the room. But she was so – I mean Juliet was so wonderful, I still think of her now, I wonder what she's doing now? She'd point to the line and go 'Write here now,' and she was really supportive, like a little helper if you like at the time.

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