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Haq Ismail: Curry by Post

Haq was born in 1970 in Pakistan. His family moved to Luton, England when Haq was eight months old. Haq attended his local primary school until he acquired a visual impairment at the age of eleven. He was then sent to a residential special school in Worcester and from there went on to university.

Here Haq talks about receiving food from home.


Being Pakistani origin we’re big meat eaters and stuff, so I always used to miss that. My dad would come and see me on a National Express coach, he’d come in from – and he’d bring like curry and stuff and pitta bread which would last me one or two days. You’ll find this really amazing, they used to parcel food for me as well, they’d send it on Monday and I’d get it by Wednesday, this is curry, right, put into a pitta bread and it would come in a parcel form and I used to eat that. I don’t know how I didn’t die of food poisoning but they would really spice it up very much, make it very, very dry and then put it and then I used to eat that on a Wednesday and by Thursday it'd start to smell but I’d still eat it ‘cause my mum had sent it to me, and no one knew, I always used to hide it from everyone. I’d go out in the field, we used to have a big field, just go out in the field, get a can of pop or something and just eat that and I’d go back and I’d go into the bathroom and just like swirl my mouth out because, you know, there’d be that smell of curry. I’d chew mints and stuff so it was like – it was weird, it was like a double life.

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