Samantha Jones: Feeling Safe

Samantha was born in 1991 in Somalia. She came to the UK to live with her aunt at age nine. She attended mainstream primary and secondary schools and then moved to Scotland to live with another aunt and study at college. Samantha is planning to continue to university.

Here Samantha describes her relationship with her college tutor.



She just, basically she’s, like, she pushes me. She’s just, like, I believe in you, you can do this. And she’s like, it’s a normal illness, there’s nothing like – it’s a condition where you have to live with it. And she made me feel, like, safe, so, if anything’s happening at home I can go and tell her, or if I’m not feeling well, I can sit her down and be, like, I’m not going to be able to attend this lesson, or I can’t go to this lesson, and she will just be, like, okay, it’s okay, I’ll speak to the teacher. So, I’ve – like, relationship wise, it’s made us a bit stronger and she’s – she’s helped me a lot.

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