Samantha Jones: Treated Different

Samantha was born in 1991 in Somalia. She came to the UK to live with her aunt at age nine. She attended mainstream primary and secondary schools and then moved to Scotland to live with another aunt and study at college. Samantha is planning to continue to university.

Here Samantha describes her fear of being discriminated against.


Actually, I wanted to tell my teacher, my head of the lecture, but I thought, I was, like, I can’t. But I used to bring her letters saying I’ve got an appointment on this date and I need to be in the hospital, but I didn’t say what for, or who with or whatever. I was scared of being discriminated. Maybe, like, being treated different and not being – yeah, not being treated, like, as the rest of my classroom friends, like, being told, 'oh, you can’t go to this nursery' or 'you can’t do this', or 'you can’t do this because of your illness' and I want to be treated like I’m everybody and to be included in whatever they’re doing, I could do it too. So, I don’t – I didn’t want to tell them.

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