Leaving School

Jack Baxter: Fishing with Dad

Jack was born in 1931 in Morecambe in Lancashire. As a boy he helped his father on the family fishing boat, not starting school until the age of thirteen. After school he went back to his life as a fisherman with his father and brother.

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Jack Baxter

Here Jack talks to Belinda about leaving school.

  • Jack Baxter
  • Jack Baxter


They told me to go home, 'it's your day off, you can stay home' they said.

Who said that?

Teacher tell me and I went home and I said to me mother 'they let me come home Muv', 'Oh'. I went out fishing with me dad and that was it.

Yes I went back I went to home and, they let me 'you can stop at home' and I went out fishing with me dad. And after that and Sam went to t'Navy, and he come home with his all the way down here and beard and I heard this tapping at window I looked out the window, landed on me bed, I didn't know who it was. It was our Sam, he brought me a present for me from the Navy it was a mat, a lion on the front.

Did you spend, the rest of your working life being a fisherman?


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