Ajay Yadav: Protons and Neutrons

Ajay was born in India in 1977. He attended a special school in East London from the age of five to sixteen and then went on to a mainstream sixth form college and on to university from there.

Here Ajay describes the difference between he and his brother’s schooling.

  • Ajay Yadav


The problem was the education side because I felt we weren't taught at the curriculum level without really that, students at mainstream schools are taught at. I remember going home one day and my brother coming home and saying to me, 'I learnt about protons and neutrons in my science lesson' and I was like, 'Wow! What's that?' and he explained to me what that was, I went to school the next day and said to my science teacher 'Can we learn about protons and neutrons today?' and he went quiet, he said to me, 'Yeah we can maybe do that, maybe later some day'.

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