If I Could Change Something

Ajay Yadav: Being Taught Properly

Ajay was born in India in 1977. He attended a special school in East London from the age of five to sixteen and then went on to a mainstream sixth form college and on to university from there.

Here Ajay describes a wish to have been taught his subjects to a better level.

  • Ajay Yadav


I wish I was taught more subjects, I wish I was taught Science properly, and Maths properly and you know French and History, definitely History, we were taught no History at all, which was really annoying because my History is extremely poor. So it would have been good to be able to, to have been taught those things, even if we weren't taught to an exam level, at least if we were taught to an advanced level to which other schools are taught at, would have been good but we weren't even taught those. I think the best thing would have been just, to kind of send me to a mainstream school, I mean ideally I think there's no reason why, I could not have gone to a normal mainstream school and studied with every other boy or girl that went to school.

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