David Filmer: Siblings

David Filmer was born in 1970 in London. At six his family moved to Hampshire, where he attended his local mainstream primary school. Then aged ten he went to two residential special schools, first in Reading and then Hampshire. He returned to the mainstream at sixteen, attending a local sixth form college and went on to university.

Here David talks about his relationship with his siblings.

  • David Filmer


I had two siblings, one three years older and one three years younger, who gave me pretty much no leeway for being disabled. They were both non-disabled, and if I wanted something out of a high cupboard or something of the sort, they would basically turn round and say 'Well you find a way of getting it, 'cos we're not going to help you 'cos we're, you know, your siblings and we're designed to hate each other,' and I think that kind of rivalry and behaviour did force me to have a level of independence, and to be a problem solver.

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