David Filmer: Glass Ceilings

David Filmer was born in 1970 in London. At six his family moved to Hampshire, where he attended his local mainstream primary school. Then aged ten he went to two residential special schools, first in Reading and then Hampshire. He returned to the mainstream at sixteen, attending a local sixth form college and went on to university.

Here David describes defying the medical professions expectations of him.

  • David Filmer


The moment I was born, I mean my mother was told by the ward sister as I was a very poorly baby, having being freshly diagnosed and all the rest of it, my disabilities, that I would 'probably never amount to much', I would probably be pretty much a 'cabbage' throughout my life you know, and so the day I made it to University I think my mum was extremely proud that I'd broken through all of those glass ceilings along the way, and said 'No I'm not going to accept that I'm a nobody and I can't do it, I will do, and get on with it, and get my way through this.

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