David Filmer: Egg and Spoon

David Filmer was born in 1970 in London. At six his family moved to Hampshire, where he attended his local mainstream primary school. Then aged ten he went to two residential special schools, first in Reading and then Hampshire. He returned to the mainstream at sixteen, attending a local sixth form college and went on to university.

Here David describes taking part in Sports Day at school.

  • David Filmer


And we'd do the egg and spoon race with another kid pushing the wheelchair and things like that, and we'd do that on the playing field, it didn't have to be done on an asphalt court or anything like that, so very much about putting me in there in the thick of it, no matter what, and making the most out of it. So I never felt that I was left on the sidelines at primary school, I was very lucky in that respect.

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