Getting into Trouble

David Filmer: Rebelling

David Filmer was born in 1970 in London. At six his family moved to Hampshire, where he attended his local mainstream primary school. Then aged ten he went to two residential special schools, first in Reading and then Hampshire. He returned to the mainstream at sixteen, attending a local sixth form college and went on to university.

Here David talks about getting in trouble while away at school.

  • David Filmer


I think we were, a little bit bored being somewhat isolated out in the countryside with only a small cohort of of kids and so we used to start doing, you know, stupid things like, ringing the phone operator and telling them there was a bomb at the local police station. So I went through my, sort of you know, rather stupid rebellious stage, and got into significant detentions and trouble with the police and the likes, so, not things that I'm proud of in retrospect but it happened, and it was probably due to a lack of stimulation from other potential distractions so yes, at that stage my parents decided that I'd, that they felt it was time to pull me out of that environment.

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