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Micheline Mason: Be Alert and Active

Micheline Mason was born in 1950 in Kingston, Surrey. Micheline lived with her family in Croydon, Surrey, having home tuition until the age of thirteen when she left home to attend a residential special school in Hampshire. She then went on to Art college.

Here Micheline cautions against complacency.

  • Micheline Mason
  • Micheline Mason
  • Micheline Mason


And well now, privatisation within the education system and all this. And the special education lobby is huge. And then there was all the stuff about children being excluded not because they were disabled, but ‘cause of their behaviour and ‘cause they were poor or black. And we had to take all that on board ‘cause I mean inclusive education is about all kids. I’ve not liked for the most part what I see happening currently, you know. The, sort of, hardening of attitudes and all that is frightening. So I think we need to be very, very alert and active about what really needs to happen. But what I hope, to turn that on its head, is that it could be the time, and it is the time, when people really start thinking about what do we really want then. You know, what sort of world could be sustainable and inclusive, and how can we organise that, you know. I want to see the end of segregated provision. I want to see society deinstitutionalised for children, for older people, you know.

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