Micheline Mason: Magical Times

Micheline Mason was born in 1950 in Kingston, Surrey. Micheline lived with her family in Croydon, Surrey, having home tuition until the age of thirteen when she left home to attend a residential special school in Hampshire. She then went on to Art college.

Here Micheline recalls fond memories of her Home Tuition tutor.

  • Micheline Mason
  • Micheline Mason
  • Micheline Mason


He was a retired Head Teacher. Again I think it was this connection with this director of education that made it happen, ‘cause they were friends. And he was a retired Head Teacher from the girls’ school in Croydon and he asked him as a favour if he would take me on and get me through the Eleven Plus. And he did. And my hours went up to eight hours a week. And he was a lovely man, you know, and I often look back and think I wish I’d appreciated him more at the time. You know, he could sit and listen to me and he was a great teacher in that he knew how to get me to question and ask, use your mind, he knew how to do that. And yeah, we’d have all kinds of intellectual tussles. And he liked me, he thought I was great, you know. And he enjoyed it. And he used to read Dickens to me and let me draw and, you know, well it was just, you know, they were quite magical times actually.

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