Micheline Mason: Parallel Lives

Micheline Mason was born in 1950 in Kingston, Surrey. Micheline lived with her family in Croydon, Surrey, having home tuition until the age of thirteen when she left home to attend a residential special school in Hampshire. She then went on to Art college.

Here Micheline describes how her own experience influenced her decisions as a parent.

  • Micheline Mason
  • Micheline Mason
  • Micheline Mason


I became a parent and Lucy was disabled, and I knew I didn’t want her to go down the road I’ve been, that it just seemed by then I was pretty clear that you shouldn’t separate children from each other. Because the coming together again is so hard or it doesn’t happen. Lots and lots of people never make it and you just live a parallel life for the rest of your life. And that can’t be good, it can’t be good for either side and it certainly wasn’t going to happen to any child of mine.

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