Donna Francis: Help with Hearing

Donna was born in 1983 in Kent. She lived with her family in Folkestone, attending her local mainstream primary and secondary schools. She then went on to university.

Here Donna talks about wearing a portable hearing loop in class.

  • Donna Francis
  • Donna Francis
  • Donna Francis


When I started juniors I got a portable loop. So I had this big kind of – it’s round and it was blue but that you had to put over your neck. So it wasn’t discreet. And then the teacher had to wear something round her neck and the microphone and then we each had a little box, I believe, that you just put in your trousers or whatever and then you put your hearing aid onto T switch and then I was able to hear her. But it was great. One time she went out of the classroom and she still had it on and I could hear what she was saying, so all the children were like, ‘What is she saying, what is she saying?’ So that was really cool.

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