Impact on Adult Life

Mark Lynes: A Waste of Time

Mark was born in 1971 in Birmingham. He attended a local special school from age four to age sixteen and then went to a residential special college in Shropshire.

Here Mark describes the impact of his schooling on his later life.


I realised that school was very useful to me in a lot of ways, but in an awful lot of ways it was a waste of time, because it actually gave me no background to life at all. When I left and went to college and started taking some of the same stuff they did, they were taking. Then I started to realise what an impact my education had had on my life, really, in a negative way. Which was quite – which made me very angry and it made me very sad as well, because I loved school but I couldn’t love it after that, if you see what I mean. So, it almost took those memories I’ve already talked to you about away, because I realised what they didn’t give me compared to what they would have given other people my own age. So, it really took my childhood memories away, really.

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