Impact on Adult Life

Mark Lynes: Catch Up

Mark was born in 1971 in Birmingham. He attended a local special school from age four to age sixteen and then went to a residential special college in Shropshire.

Here Mark describes having to ‘self knowledge’ himself.


I would say that it’s become irrelevant really, because it meant that I had to sort of teach myself, and what I meant by that is that I had to sort of work out what I was good at. Now I came across the disability movement and I got involved in that, and the user involvement movement, and certainly in Birmingham I’m quite heavily involved in that. So, in education terms I’ve almost actually self knowledged myself. And I did take the exams – I think there’s one exam I did take, a completed exam I did take, Maths and English but even then very much catching up, for eight years I had to catch up.

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