Mark Lynes: Raw Carrots

Mark was born in 1971 in Birmingham. He attended a local special school from age four to age sixteen and then went to a residential special college in Shropshire.

Here Mark recalls a member of the public giving his dad some unusual advice.


There was one very strong memory as a six year old, and it was probably one of my first ones. I finally persuaded my dad to take me to Pype Hayes Park for the bonfire. Obviously it was a big bonfire in Erdington, and a lot of people from Birmingham know about it and everybody from Birmingham went. I finally persuaded my dad to take me. This woman – this elderly woman came up to my dad and said, ‘You know, if your son eats raw carrots he will walk at some point in his life.’ And my dad just said, ‘Oh really? Thank you very much,’ and walked off. And we walked off laughing. But I will remember that woman for the rest of my life, wherever she is now, yeah.

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