Lynda Hesketh: Drag a Bag

Lynda was born in 1962 in Chester. She attended her local mainstream primary and secondary schools, having a home tutor for a year in between, following time in hospital.

Here Lynda describes her friendship with her best friend Sandra.

  • Lynda Hesketh
  • Lynda Hesketh


I had a best friend at school called Sandra. We were best friends right from the beginning of school, we quickly established a bond and a link, so from the age of four or five, we were great mates. I used to go round to her house at weekends, I can remember that, playing with all her family and everything. So we were in school right from the age of five, and we went on to secondary school together. Sandra actually supported me a lot, used to carry my bags at school for me. I couldn’t carry my bags, but I do remember she used to get called Drag a Bag which – because she had her bags and my bags. So that was – they used to say Drag a Bag. They used to pick on her actually more than they picked on me, which was – I thought was quite good but not really it wasn’t, was it? I made the situation worse because I decided to learn to play the clarinet so that was an extra bag, wasn’t it? And I can remember her not too impressed with this extra bag coming along.

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