Time in Hospital

Lynda Hesketh: Basic Lessons

Lynda was born in 1962 in Chester. She attended her local mainstream primary and secondary schools, having a home tutor for a year in between, following time in hospital.

Here Lynda remembers her time spent in hospital

  • Lynda Hesketh
  • Lynda Hesketh


I used to have to go to a hospital down in London, and they’d take me out of schooling for three weeks. I can remember panicking, thinking, how am I going to, you know, catch up with my lessons while I’m away for three weeks. They didn’t make any allowances for that and my best friend used to make sure she took lots of notes and let me copy her – her notes when I got back... there was a school at the hospital and they used to send me to this school at the hospital. But the schooling they sent me, it was awful. We were all lumped together, we were all different ages and the lessons really, really basic. It was a little Portakabin, we use to have to go off to this Portakabin and do these really basic lessons.

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