Lynda Hesketh: Slap on the Back

Lynda was born in 1962 in Chester. She attended her local mainstream primary and secondary schools, having a home tutor for a year in between, following time in hospital.

Here Lynda describes being slapped on the back in her music lessons.

  • Lynda Hesketh
  • Lynda Hesketh


I can remember the music teacher being horrible, but to everybody in the class, and he used to slap you on the back with a ruler if you hadn’t picked up what he was saying, if you hadn’t picked up lessons, which I can remember being slapped on the back, which hurt me with me having problems with my joints, but he slapped me on the back just like he did every other child. Which I don’t think you’d get away with that now. Put it this way, we were all very good at music ‘cause we were petrified. If you hadn’t done very well you got slapped on the back, so, god, we all did well in music.

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