Choosing School

Jane Campbell: Expectations

Jane was born in 1959 in Surrey and attended a local special school from age six to age sixteen. She then went on to a residential special college in Coventry, going on from there to University.

Here Jane talks about starting school at the age of six.

  • Jane Campbell
  • Jane Campbell
  • Jane Campbell


My mother tells me how difficult it was even to get me into a school, you know, because they called me a fragile handicapped person, they basically thought that I would be in hospital and if I wasn’t in hospital I would be in a hospital school, because it was all so medicalised and you weren’t expected to have an education. You weren’t expected to have a life. So it was all about containment and having fun, you know, keep her happy. So anyway, by age six they thought, well, she’s obviously not going to pop her clogs, so what are we going to do with her. And they found this special school – it was called a special school for special children.

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