If I Could Change Something

Jane Campbell: Torn to the Ground

Jane was born in 1959 in Surrey and attended a local special school from age six to age sixteen. She then went on to a residential special college in Coventry, going on from there to University.

Here Jane talks about her wish to get rid of exclusion and segregation.

  • Jane Campbell
  • Jane Campbell
  • Jane Campbell


I would stop any kind of exclusive, exclusion services. I would not have one special school in the land. I would throw all the resources from these schools that largely prop up the inadequacy of the teachers, I would pile all those resources into mainstream education and support people properly so they can strive to be whatever they want to be or whatever they can be. Yeah, any segregated school, club, daycentre, holiday home, anything, I would have it torn to the ground. I’d be like Henry VIII going round the monasteries and raiding them. Because exclusion has done nothing but take from me. It’s given me nothing except for the – except probably for the drive. It added to my drive.

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