Lynda Hesketh: A Lack of Support

Lynda was born in 1962 in Chester. She attended her local mainstream primary and secondary schools, having a home tutor for a year in between, following time in hospital.

Here Lynda talks about having to rely on help from other children.

  • Lynda Hesketh
  • Lynda Hesketh


The teachers did make allowances for lessons and tried to get all the lessons together so I didn’t have to walk from one end of the school to another. My lower school was – the lessons were a lot nearer, but when I went into secondary school, it was a different building and when I got into the secondary school building, there was a lot more stairs, and that was difficult, ‘cause I did have to go up and down stairs which I really struggled with that. And I can remember being very frightened, watching the children run down the stairs by the side of me, and I’m hanging on to the rails. I can remember children wanting to look after me and, you know, if she was off, ‘I’ll help you, I’ll help you.’ So I was never short of people to help me, but I don’t think really that was appropriate, you know, I think I should have had an individual helper and also someone to note take for me, I used to struggle writing the notes. L

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