Getting to School

Jamie Renton: Independence

Jamie was born in 1962 in London. He attended a local special school until the age of eleven when he moved to a mainstream Jewish private boarding school in Oxfordshire. From age sixteen he attended a local college, continuing on to university.

Jamie describes his journey to school.


We decided rather than the school bus picking us up, that we’d get the bus to school, the sort of 275 bus, which kind of went from across a main – it was the other side of a busy road from where we lived, that sort of took us practically outside the school, or just around the corner from the school. So, we did that – myself and my brother did that, and this was at the point when we were with our, you know, there with our white sticks, you know, and we’d get on the bus and we’d go in the morning, come back. And that was kind of a little taste of independence, I guess.

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