Jamie Renton: The Slipper

Jamie was born in 1962 in London. He attended a local special school until the age of eleven when he moved to a mainstream Jewish private boarding school in Oxfordshire. From age sixteen he attended a local college, continuing on to university.

Here Jamie describes being punished by being hit with various objects at school.



it’s a horrible experience. And, you know, genuinely I can remember the physical pain, you know, being whacked with a slipper, whacked with a training shoe, whatever it was. I also got hit on the head, I lost a geography book and I remember the teacher who found it hit me over the head with it. I mean it’s huge – it’s humiliating. And also the fact that really what you want to do is cry, and of course particularly if you’ve got someone else there, you don’t want to be seen to be crying, so you’re kind of holding back the tears. Yeah, it’s not pleasant.

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