Miro Griffiths: Being the Goalkeeper

Miro was born in 1989 in Birkenhead in the Wirral. Miro went to his local mainstream schools for both primary and secondary education, then going on to attend university.

Here Miro talks about being the goalkeeper for the school.

  • Miro Griffiths
  • Miro Griffiths


I was the goalkeeper for the whole of the school. And, you know, they used to laugh at me 'cause I think one of the reasons why the team captain always picked me for goal was because if I was in goal (we were really good at shooting) there was only a tiny space either side of the goal you could get the ball in, so I used to just block the whole goal. But yeah, I was still important to the team, I still had to come out and close balls down and things like that at the right moments. And you know, there was nothing about, oh, you know, ‘Miro shouldn't play this sport,' or anything like that, it was just, you know, I was part of it and it was great. And, you know, if I tackled - well the way I tackled was if I drove into somebody and didn't hit the ball first it was a foul and, you know, I'd get told off as much as anybody else was and, you know, it was yellow card and red card. And in a way it felt great 'cause I did feel really part of the group.

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