Joanne Wacha: Fisher Price Basketball

Joanne Wacha was born in 1984 in Harrow, London. Joanne attended local mainstream primary and secondary schools and also spent time in hospital, attending the hospital school, after becoming ill at the age of thirteen. After school she went on to a local sixth form college, then a residential special college and then on to university.

Here Joanne talks about how she felt about being given a ‘toy’ basketball hoop to play with in her Physical Education lesson.

  • Joanne Wacha
  • Joanne Wacha
  • Joanne Wacha


I also didn’t do any sports ‘cause I couldn’t do any sports, they didn’t have any sporting facilities for us at Whitmore High School. A lot of the kids who were in electric wheelchairs did football but again I couldn’t really compete in that ‘cause they were all in electric chairs so they were still better than me. Oh my god, I remember this PE lesson, I was so looking forward to PE, so looking forward, I even changed, I got changed in the changing room with all the girls, I had somebody to help me, I had a support worker and they were playing basketball.

And oh I was really excited because I had seen wheelchair basketball so I thought, yeah, I’m good with sports, I’ll be fine. And they brought out this little kiddie, not basketball net, the ones that you have when you’re three years old, or four or five and you have it in the back of your garden from like – Fisher Price ones, I don’t know how tall it is, might be even just three foot. But oh my god, they got that out for me and I was so embarrassed and I had to like, throw the ball in the net and it was – I was so deflated and I never ever went to PE ever again. Every time we had a PE lesson I would go in the bathroom and stay in the bathroom, in the toilet until it ended.

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