Joanne Wacha: Sherlock Holmes

Joanne Wacha was born in 1984 in Harrow, London. Joanne attended local mainstream primary and secondary schools and also spent time in hospital, attending the hospital school, after becoming ill at the age of thirteen. After school she went on to a local sixth form college, then a residential special college and then on to university.

Here Joanne talks about feeling excluded from school trips.


I was enjoying reading Sherlock Holmes and then there was a school trip to see the Sherlock Holmes Museum in I guess it was in Baker Street, I’m sure it was in Baker Street. But I couldn’t go, I couldn’t go because it wasn’t accessible. And when my English teacher knew this, he just said, 'Oh well, you can just go upstairs and look at it on the internet' and I was just like, OK, great. I would rather have not known, I wish they would just not have told me that there was that trip going on because it’s just, that’s how I felt excluded.
I also did drama and theatre studies and there was a lot of trips to the theatre. I really, really enjoyed those but the only thing was I had to always take a taxi on my own to go to the theatre while everybody else went by train or by bus and cos things weren’t that accessible then. I mean, it’s probably much the same as it is now but the places they were going to just some of the tube lines weren’t great for access so I missed out on, I don’t know, the conversations that you have on the train that kind of get you to, that’s how you socialise with your friends, you know, the talking and the conversations you had and I missed out on all of that cos I’m waiting for them at the theatre or I’m late at the theatre or I had to go. Yeah, I really hated that part, I missed out on that and sometimes when I was at the theatre, I had to sit alone because of where they put the wheelchair spaces.

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