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Joanne Wacha: More Choice

Joanne Wacha was born in 1984 in Harrow, London. Joanne attended local mainstream primary and secondary schools and also spent time in hospital, attending the hospital school, after becoming ill at the age of thirteen. After school she went on to a local sixth form college, then a residential special college and then on to university.

Here Joanne describes her younger sister’s experience of schools now.

  • Joanne Wacha
  • Joanne Wacha
  • Joanne Wacha


The high school that my little sister's at is accessible, she sees lots of people in wheelchairs, cerebral palsy, visual impairments, deaf people, and all – most of all the schools in my borough, Harrow, are now accessible, so I would now have the choice to go to a school, of my choice. I wouldn’t have to only be able to go to one school.

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