Miro Griffiths: Best Friends

Miro was born in 1989 in Birkenhead in the Wirral. Miro went to his local mainstream schools for both primary and secondary education, then going on to attend university.

Here Miro talks about his best friends in school.

  • Miro Griffiths
  • Miro Griffiths


There'll be three of us and I'll be on one side, maybe Tom will be on the other side and there'll be Lee or Mia in the middle and she'll have a bag of sweets and she'll feed me one to my mouth 'cause I can't lift my hands up, but then she'll equally just turn around and feed Tom one and he's just being lazy, he can't be bothered reaching over for a sweet, but it's just that, you know, we've got that nice holistic kind of feel, you know, we do everything for each other and we're there to support each other and it's nice.

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