Esther Annenberg: Don’t Know Why

Esther, known as Etty, was born in 1909 in Upton Park in London. Etty went to Venetian Road Special School in Camberwell, London from the age of five, going on to an apprenticeship in dressmaking at Holdren's department store in Peckham. At the time of interview Etty was 104 years old.

Here Etty talks about having to stand in front of the class.


I think when I was six I was in a class and the teacher there was really lovely.
If she took to you she was alright but if she didn't like you she'd put you through the mill. Why? I don't know.I don't know why any of them done it. I could never understand that. Why are people cruel to one another?
They used to make you stand in front of the class for hours and you weren't allowed to move. Don't know what you'd done it for though.

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