Elliot Reed: Private School

Elliot was born in 1969 in Surrey. He lived with his family in Oxted and attended his local primary and secondary mainstream schools, also attending a private school for a few years in between. He went on to attend a Youth Training Scheme after school.

Here Elliot recalls painful memories of being bullied at his private school.

  • Elliot Reed
  • Elliot Reed
  • Elliot Reed


I didn’t like the private school at all, I mean there was always bullies there. I mean the sixth formers or the higher uppers, they were – they were nasty, pushing you around and whacking you round the head with rulers and kicking and punching and all that, no, it’s..

They were prefects as well and they should have known better, know to treat people with respect but they just didn’t. I remember I was sitting on the wall, one minute I was sitting on there, it was about as high as that table and there was nothing behind, it was just steps and he just pushed me off and I ended up bashing my head on the steps and no one came. None of the teachers came to see if you were okay, they just let you just lie there, you know.

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