Elliot Reed: Stand in the Corner

Elliot was born in 1969 in Surrey. He lived with his family in Oxted and attended his local primary and secondary mainstream schools, also attending a private school for a few years in between. He went on to attend a Youth Training Scheme after school.

Here Elliot describes resisting punishment when he didn’t know what he was supposed to have done.

  • Elliot Reed
  • Elliot Reed
  • Elliot Reed


They used to accuse me for something in the dining room and they’d say, ‘Oh stand in the corner', and I refused to do it ‘cause they didn’t tell me what I did wrong, you know. they probably thought I was doing something wrong in the dining room, which I wasn’t, and they just picked on me for no reason and I just refused to stand in the corner because I didn’t, a) I didn’t know what they were on about, so probably ended up going to the headmaster, or headmistress’ office.

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