Lessons Learned

Maresa MacKeith: Looking Back

Maresa was born in 1984 in Sheffield. She was adopted as a baby and moved to Nottingham. At age 5 she went to a special school and then left at age nine and attended mainstream primary and secondary schools from then on, with a year of home schooling between two secondary schools. She then attended a local college and went on to university.

Here Maresa talks about how her educational experiences have influenced her.


Sometimes I feel like I have learnt more at least about the world, away from an education setting. However there is so much I am thankful for in terms of my journey in education. I have still got some issues with how I was treated in me but with them comes a drive and motivation to support others and not allow the chance of it happening to them. It has given me so much to think about. It has given me friendship and a valuing of my thoughts. It has given me pain, I know it has but again, it really has shaped me in ways maybe I don’t even know how to articulate.

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