Life After School

Maresa MacKeith: I’m a Writer

Maresa was born in 1984 in Sheffield. She was adopted as a baby and moved to Nottingham. At age 5 she went to a special school and then left at age nine and attended mainstream primary and secondary schools from then on, with a year of home schooling between two secondary schools. She then attended a local college and went on to university.

Here Maresa talks about what she does now


Oh wow, that is a big question. I see myself as a writer. I have written a book called Taking the Time. It has my experiences of school and life. Now I am part of a weekly poetry performance collective in Nottingham, called The Mouthy Poets. I have performed on stage and it was terrifying but amazing. I got to use my board when performing, a huge step. So I write and deliver workshops on inclusion and writing when I can.

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