Simone Aspis: Quicker Brains

Simone was born in 1969 in Dollis Hill, London. She went to a residential special school in Cheshire from the age of four until sixteen. From there she went on to college and then university.

Here Simone describes the attitude of the educational psychologist who reviewed her special school placement.

  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis


And then at the age of thirteen I wrote to the Secretary of State asking to get me out of school because nobody else wanted to get me out of the special school. So I think at that point my mum and dad did send me to an educational psychologist to see whether I might be able to be reintegrated back into mainstream education. And there the educational psychologist basically wrote to say that if I came home that I would be – that I would irritate people who had quicker brains than myself.

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