Simone Aspis: Bullying Each Other

Simone was born in 1969 in Dollis Hill, London. She went to a residential special school in Cheshire from the age of four until sixteen. From there she went on to college and then university.

Here Simone describes a culture of bullying within her school and outside of school.

  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis


In terms of relationships with other kids, oh God, we used to bully each other like mad. Oh there was a lot of – there was definitely a hierarchy of kind of impairment and disability there, you know, certainly we were, you know, we bullied each other like mad at school ‘cause there wasn’t anything else to do and it’s the only thing that I suppose used to – you know, helped us feel good about ourselves. You know, bully somebody else and make someone else feel bad and, you know, you kind of feel better yourself. So there was a lot of bullying that went on, quite nasty bullying, which was not helped by the fact that the head teacher used to always take the mickey out of the kids and therefore that kind of – you know, that kind of went through the whole – the whole kind of thing went throughout the whole school.

We did go to a local youth club up in Liverpool once a week, you know, to help us be integrated but a lot of the kids, you know, would tease us ‘cause we were known as the 'Spazos' from the local – from the special school so … so there was no opportunities for relationships there.

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