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Simone Aspis: Sociology

Simone was born in 1969 in Dollis Hill, London. She went to a residential special school in Cheshire from the age of four until sixteen. From there she went on to college and then university.

Here Simone talks about her first studies after leaving school.

  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis


So I felt that, you know, that there was a lot of discrimination that happened to me, you know, throughout my life but particularly saw it for what it was from the age of sixteen, seventeen when I really entered into mainstream life. So that kind of spurred me on to ensure that people with learning difficulties were included in the civil rights legislation at that time. And the beautiful thing, my education really began when I did A level Sociology, it was fantastic, it was wonderful. And I just hope that every child and young person gets the opportunity to learn Sociology and Philosophy.

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