Isolation from Family

Simone Aspis: Feeling Angry

Simone was born in 1969 in Dollis Hill, London. She went to a residential special school in Cheshire from the age of four until sixteen. From there she went on to college and then university.

Here Simone talks about the isolation she felt from her family and her community.

  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis
  • Simone Aspis


I went to Jewish special school up Cheshire which was Delamere Forest School, miles away from my mum and dad. Why was my brother at home and I wasn’t at home, why was I placed in this school with other kids who were different from non disabled kids? Certainly I was really, really angry being there. I didn’t understand why I should be at that school. No, it was, you know, I had learning difficulties and I didn’t understand why I needed to be at that – you know, why I should be there. I remember very clearly absolutely wanting to be in a mainstream school with other kids, you know, with non disabled kids. Actually I really wanted to go the school my brother went to, where he did lots of exciting subjects and extra curricular activities and just would be in the local community, you know, at home with my mum and my dad so, you know, so I definitely had some very strong views.

The other thing that I felt very, very disconnected with was within the local community. You know, I was sent to this, you know, special school miles away, so when I came home, I had no friends, you know, the Jewish community was quite a close-knit community so I never had any friends at home to play with or to, you know, young people to go out with.

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