Elliot Reed: Mrs Elliot

Elliot was born in 1969 in Surrey. He lived with his family in Oxted and attended his local primary and secondary mainstream schools, also attending a private school for a few years in between. He went on to attend a Youth Training Scheme after school.

Here Elliot describes being treated badly by one teacher.

  • Elliot Reed
  • Elliot Reed
  • Elliot Reed


'Cause I was slow at school and I was way behind with all the English and the Maths and everything, and I had another lady, Mrs Elliot. She was horrible as well. I remember sitting in the class once and I was leaning back on the chair and she just moved the chair, whipped it away and I ended up on the floor, you know. She thought that people shouldn’t be leaning back on chairs, you know, and she just felt like doing something to teach the person a lesson, not to do it again. And I mean the tables and chairs were close together so well would have banged the head on the table behind, you know, but she didn’t think of that before she did it, you know. If you got your sums wrong, like one teacher just tore your book up.

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